The Royce™

If you are as picky as we are, then you will not mind spending high dollars on a quality water-bourne brush!

The Royce brush is hands down the finest topcoat brush on the market!  It is the Rolls Royce of brushes when it comes to applying a top coat with a streak free finish. Other brushes on the market will leave un-even dispersion or streaks in the finish. When used with our Seal Coat Satin, you will love the results. This brush leaves you with a finish that closely resembles a spray finish without having to spray!  

Waterborne finishes are getting ever better and more popular every year.  These brushes are made in the USA with artificial "Badger hair".  We went searching far and wide to get incredibly fine artifical hair, even finer than European Ox, and far finer than what you would normally find in an average synthetic finishing brush. These brushes are also hand-made, so you get a thick brush, with no filler, with a voluptuous feel that has a huge capacity for finish. Even with a modern self-leveling finish, where brush marks aren’t a major issue, using these brushes will give you a far longer stroke, with even finish distribution and few drips or messes, even around corners.

Our testers loved this brush for two main reasons: It holds a huge amount of material so you spend a lot less time going back to the can. "Flow is Awesome!" they said. The second reason was that you get a controlled release of material that allows you to finish quickly and easily.
Even if most of the time you spray your finishes certain operations such as finishing edging on pre-finished plywood make no sense to spray because of set up time. In these situations you can save lots of time using a good brush. For the occasional finisher a good brush is far more effective for finishing than an expensive spray rig. Unlike less expensive brushes which are treated as disposable, one tester called these brushes "worth cleaning out" because the added performance he got with this brush.
Note: This brush is designed for waterborne top-coat finishes only.  Not recommended for lacquer or paint.