Annie Sloan Lacquer is a strong penetrating water-based matte varnish that is recommended for use over wood or concrete floors that have been painted with Chalk Paint®. 

• Annie Sloan Lacquer will slightly darken the paint beneath it  
• Annie Sloan Lacquer is a matte varnish that dries with a slight sheen for added durability.
• Best applied with a high quality sponge roller (use a sponge brush to cut in edges)
• Use two thin coats for even sheen and greater durability
• The varnish is quick drying, non-toxic, low order and non-yellowing
• Allow 1-2 hours between coats.  Leave overnight to “cure”  before walking on it
• Annie Sloan Lacquer gives a very durable scuff resitent finish
• Covers approx 107 square feet but will vary according to the absorbancy of the floor
• Interior use only 

 1 liter size

Collections: Soft Waxes & Lacquer

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