Wood Icing FAQs

Wood Icing® is a faux finish technique and furniture finishing product used to transform furniture, cabinets or accessories into custom pieces. Our two primary faux finish products are water based, Textura Paste and Fissure Size. Both can be applied to wood, metal, laminate cabinetry and furniture, Formica, and walls.

 · It is not necessary to strip old paint

· Scrape away loose paint

· Clean surface with a degreaser or de-glosser and rinse away residue. Allow drying

· Scuff sand the surface to give tooth Prime the following surfaces with a primer for shiny surfaces. (Preferably water based primer)

· When working on plastic, melamine, Formica and metal

· Unpainted pressed board · Surfaces with paint peeling

· Any surface, with which adhesion is in question, apply a primer

· If the possibility of color bleeding through from the previous paint color Base paint with an eggshell or low sheen satin after primer:

· Use dark colors for projects to be stained or glazed with dark colors

· Use light colors for projects to be stained or glazed a light to medium shade

· For projects to be painted solid, the base color will not matter for the outcome Apply Textura Paste directly to the following surfaces:

· Unfinished wood

· Previously painted surfaces. (Clean & scuff sand.) Wood Icing is for decorative purposes only. It is not water resistant and is for indoor use only. Do not apply to surfaces with continuous moisture or water spray. Damage may occur from direct heat from sun or continual high temperatures.