Soft Waxes & Lacquer

Annie Sloan Waxes are an easy-to-use product that can be applied by brush, cloth or sponge.   It will rejuvenate, restore the shine, and protect all INTERIOR wooden/painted surfaces. Soft Wax is formulated using white spirit, AND DOES NOT contain dangerous quick drying solvents, such as those used in other similar products. This means in practice that while a little slower drying, you can be sure it is drying when you have finished waxing and have left the room AND NOT directly into your lungs while you are waxing.

Colors - Clear, Dark, White, & Black


Annie Sloan Lacquer is a strong penetrating water-based matte varnish that is recommended for use over wood or concrete floors that have been painted with Chalk Paint®. 

• Annie Sloan Lacquer will slightly darken the paint beneath it  
• Annie Sloan Lacquer is a matte varnish that dries with a slight sheen for added durability.
• Best applied with a high quality sponge roller (use a sponge brush to cut in edges)
• Use two thin coats for even sheen and greater durability
• The varnish is quick drying, non-toxic, low order and non-yellowing
• Allow 1-2 hours between coats.  Leave overnight to “cure”  before walking on it
• Annie Sloan Lacquer gives a very durable scuff resitent finish
• Covers approx 107 square feet but will vary according to the absorbancy of the floor
• Interior use only